Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 22

This is probably a bit of a cop-out but I simply adore Facebook. I've been with the site ever since it was launched, although I later learned it was for... less than chivalrous reasons. (Although, really, I can't chide the guys for building it as a directory for the girls in school because I too had used it as a directory of boys during my first year at school.)

I consider myself to be part of the first graduating class of Facebook, since it was originally built as a college networking site and it launched in 2004, the year I graduated high school and went to college. It's amazing what has happened in six years. I wish I had some screen shots of the original Facebook. The wall used to be this empty text field where you could edit anything that anyone wrote in it. There was no newsfeed, no applications, and it was completely and totally restricted to people with an .edu address. Now it's a fully integrated website for communication and community -- complete with photo albums, video, blog, and link posting.

I'm still not quite used to the idea of being FaceBook friends with people's mothers, former teachers/professors, and guildies from World of Warcraft that I never actually met. Nevertheless, Facebook has become an amazing medium for communication. This week alone I have discussed the iPhone leak with one of my favorite college professors, made fun of my 2nd grade best friend in Texas for being a "white girl," made plans for a breakfast reunion with my high school gal pals, and began planning a Vegas Adventure for later this year. (That last one may have been a result of the jealousy of seeing what was apparently half my friends list jet off to Vegas last weekend.)

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  1. I'd love to find you on Facebook :)

  2. Hrm, it said the page didn't exist. Wanna send me your email address so I can find you that way?


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