Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello! You bloggerinas have been busy while I was moving; I came back to find lots of amazing stuff to catch up on!

My pal Phoenix over at Res ipsa loquitur has just tagged me in a post to share 7 things about myself! Like her, I was surprised to be tagged by an amazing writer ;-) and am totally stoked about sharing my 7!

1. I am an only child and hate it when people ask if I was lonely growing up without brothers or sisters because it doesn't seem occur to them that I had an entire childhood like that and therefore don't have any basis for comparison. (Nobody ever asks if a person disliked growing up blond or something else they couldn't help. -_-")

2. I have been to Paris twice and Taiwan twice because I have a lot of extended family in both places.

3. I speak (mostly fluent) Mandarin Chinese, which I studied for about 5 years outside of school, but can't remember any of the French I supposedly learned over 3 years in school.

4. I have never broken a limb, knock on wood.

5. When I was little, I thought being a school bus driver would be a great job. My 6-year-old brain had concluded that their jobs consisted only of picking up kids for school, dropping them off after school, and the occasional field trip. Even when I was little, I was lazy!

6. I used to be heavily addicted to World of Warcraft and was in an active raiding guild back when the cap was 60 and there were 40-man raids. (And you wonder where the "geek" part of my description came in.)

7. My boyfriend's nickname for me is "Bunny" because apparently the way I do air quotation marks looks like I'm making two pairs of bunny ears hop forward.

Tag, you're it -- I'd love to hear 7 from Jasmine, Brenda, Deb, Emily, Dionne, Nina, Lisa, and Tammi!


  1. hi shanna! (: thanks for visiting my blog and commenting (: It's great that you speak mandarin..being true to your roots indeed! I too speak it rather fluently though I hardly get to practice! haha. and WoW? oh man, you should totally meet my boyfriend. You guys might have even been on the same guild at some point in time! haha. yaay for geeks! xx

  2. lol I never thought of #1 that way, but you're totally right... we each have our own way of growing up and it seems totally normal to it WOULD be a weird question.

    That's awesome about knowing Mandarin Chinese...jealous... and as an ex Widow of Warcraft, girl, I feel the pain of your addiction :)

    Also: "Bunny" is adorable!


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