Sunday, August 23, 2009

Penny Arcade and D&D

Did you see that Gabe of Penny Arcade has been asked to do the art for the cover of a new Dungeons & Dragons handbook??

On the subject, Gabe says, "The book is called the players strategy guide and from what I hear it's designed to help you build a solid character [...] I was really surprised that they asked me to do this. All the D&D book covers have such a strong and classic aesthetic. I was nervous about doing the cover because my style doesn't really match up with the rest of the books, but they assured me they wanted this particular book to have a different/distinctive look."

Webcomic geek + D&D geek = Awesome.

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  1. Woah! My fellow geeks are gonna freak a little...the D&D cover art is usually a lot more classic and I gotta say this has all the angles of a Kim Possible cartoon. Not sure if I dig or not...


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