Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daily Joy: FaceBook (and Friends)

Day 4 of Daily Be's Daily Joy photojournal week!

Daily Joy: FaceBook (and friends)
(image via {bits of beauty}, downstream from if it's hip, it's here)

I've heard a lot about how social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace have tainted real face-to-face interaction and all that stuff... and I guess I agree to an extent, but sometimes I truly have to marvel at how far technology has come in terms of keeping people in touch.

Currently, two of my best friends are miles away from me... one in Seattle and one in Texas. Texan Tammi, a.k.a. the vegan blogger, is actually a friend from the second grade. I have seen her about twice in the 10 years since she moved out of California but I still talk to her ALL THE TIME. And, while our constant efforts to remain in touch need to be acknowledge, I really have to thank the Internet for providing that medium where we are constantly active. We tried the pen pal thing but things always got in the way and letters went unanswered. Comparatively, it feels like such little effort to respond to an IM or a FaceBook message.

In addition to this, it helps create the idea that we're always connected no matter how much we're in our own lives. So even though I've met a person once, I see their activity on FaceBook and know what they've been up to. It's not as awkward to reach out to someone when that person is putting himself/herself out there via this website.

And yes, I'm on it every single day. =)


  1. I love Facebook!!! It really has connected me to friends and family in a wonderful way! oh, yeah, and I'm on everyday too. :)

  2. Whoo for plugs. :)

    But you're right, without the internet I would have lost touch or never got back in touch with a lot of people. FB may be evil but it sure is handy. :D

  3. Again w00t for plugs.

    I don't think there's been hardly a day that we haven't talked since I left SD (about 2 months now). At the very least we've talked 5/7 days each week.

    Go internets!


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