Monday, August 3, 2009

Strung Up on the Vitamin String Quartet

As promised, here is my compliation of Vitamin String Quartet videos!

Brief descrition from Wikipedia:
"According to their website, The Vitamin String Quartet comprises a rotating collective of Los Angeles musicians widely known for its tributes to cutting-edge rock acts. They have released a series of string quartet tribute albums, released by Vitamin Records using a wide array of instruments, but primarily violins and violas.

"Vitamin String Quartet is about applying rock n' roll attitude to classical technique," says Tom Tally, a violist and arranger who has performed on and produced over thirty-five Vitamin String Quartet albums."

"We Will Rock You" - Queen

"Don't Speak" - No Doubt
I had no idea this song could sound even sadder but I was quite wrong.

"Wonderwall" - Oasis

"When You Were Young" - Killers

Check out their YouTube channel to see if they've covered your favorites!

Oh, and can I just say, as a former violinist, how different and refreshing it is to hear the cello actually play melodies instead of j
ust the boring harmonizing parts? Poor cello players.

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