Sunday, August 9, 2009

Apartment Livin'

Since I’ve moved back into my parents’ house, I’ve been thinking about all the differences between this and living in an apartment. For the sake of simplicity, I’m defining my college apartment living only as units in apartment complexes.

Things I’ll miss about living in apartments:
  • Round-the-clock access to emergency plumbing, electricity, and other services… 95% of which get solved in a 24-hour time span.
  • Amenities I use very occasionally but don’t have to maintain regularly – gym, pool, etc.
  • Free coffee/tea/hot chocolate/cookies
  • Hot water is (almost always) nearly instant available for showers
  • Not feeling bad about 3 a.m. showers bothering anyone
  • Free awesome stuff like a movie theater, unlimited use business center, or pool table
  • Not being afraid to sell things on Craigslist with “must be picked up” taglines because it’s like you’re going to be living there that much longer anyway!
Things I won’t miss:
  • Paper-thin walls
  • Noisy neighbors, especially ones with dogs
  • Anything to do with laundry rooms (restrictive hours, people who mess with your laundry, that weird not-quite-linen-fresh smell from the machines)
  • Having to carry groceries up elevators/stairs and down hallways from the car to the apartment
  • Needing to go through more than one door or hallway before I’m technically home
  • Being stuck with ugly kitchen cabinets
  • Can't install filtered water! (I hate the taste of Brita and hate buying bottled water.)
  • Giving people two sets of instructions on how to get to my place -- one for the complex and one for the actual unit
  • The way every single unit and hallway looks exactly the same and sometimes I have to check the number outside my door to make sure I'm in the right place.

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  1. well there are definite pros and cons of each. i completely feel you on all of those, esp the "Needing to go through more than one door or hallway before I’m technically home"
    that one can be a little hard for me.


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