Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Finds

Look how adorable this bride is! Since I'm also quite short, I hope I look this adorable at my wedding!
(image by Gene Higa - via Bustle, a division of Liz Beck Events, of which my two pals Amy and Pam are interns!)

100 Ways to Use A Strip of Bacon (via Mental Floss, downstream from Endless Simmer). I actually saw the little bacon cups myself a while ago on Not Martha.)

Get your kids to play outdoor games, even if you have to trick them.

Wonder how effective these anti-theft stickers are...

Apparently, the correct way to peel a banana...

Wisdom from the Dalai Lama (via Mental Floss)

4 Perfectly Round Circles

Hilarious n00b boyfriend video!

Amazing Flickr streams - official stream for President Obama and Michael Hughes, who superimposes souvenirs over the actual landmarks.

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  1. Yikes...not sure I'd try those anti-theft stickers on my car...people might judge me on the freeway for being a crappy driver :)


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