Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Name for Novelty

In both the apartment I am vacating and my old room at home that I am moving back into, I am attempting to clear out as much as possible of what seems to be endless drawers, containers, etc. of just... random stuff. Really random stuff. Novelty items and event exclusive collectables.

I've sort of have a reputation for being fantastic at collecting free stuff. And I am finding all sorts of fun little things that are just really not worth keeping. For the first couple of seconds I see it, I think "oooh, that's neat/cool/awesome/etc." Then I drop it in a bag, take it home, stick in a drawer, and completely forget about it until the next time I've dug it out during a cleaning attempt.

Among the notable "treasures" dug up so far, I've discovered a light-up yo-yo, juggling balls, several frisbees, bottle openers, and about a dozen stress balls (how appropriate).

I am so tired of having so much stuff that I don't use. I really don't know why I have it. One of my solutions was to throw all the stuff in a box and stick it in the hallway of the apartment complex with a sign saying that everything was free and in good working condition. (The free pens all went really fast.)

I've gotten to the point where I would just rather be free of all the stuff than think "what if I need it/want to use it someday" or consider the sunk cost of the item. Those thoughts weight me down. These novelty things are so useless. So I am endeavoring to part ways with all of them.


  1. Give the free stuff to us! Have a Blog Giveaway!

  2. Ooh, I'd totally forgotten about yo-yos! (I have the memory of a housefly). Good luck getting rid of it!

  3. packrats of the world, unite!

  4. @Dionne haha, what a great idea! I should totally do a grab bag giveaway!

  5. I love purging. I was still hauling stuff around Oklahoma that hadn't been out of a box since we moved from California. I mean seriously? Pack rat much? Dropping off bag after bag at the Goodwill is so freeing.

    Now we're pretty much keep the rule that for it to be in the house we either love it, need it or use it. That cuts down a whole lot of junk. :)


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