Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Week, I Am...

1. Doing a top-to-bottom cleaning of the apartment (or rather, mostly my master bedroom), including bathtub/shower scrubbing, and moving out everything by Sunday at the latest.

I picked up some multi-surface cleaner (and will maybe need some Soft Scubber) and just plan on going at everything with a sponge, paper towels, and an old toothbrush. If you have any tips on cleaning bathtub grime, faucets, blinds, or pseudo-stucco walls (I know, I hate apartment living), let me know!

2. Making one of these for the rest of the summer:
I'll post the picture of my own after it's done.
(via JesW's tumblr, downstream from The Inspired Room)

3. Trying my best to pick the healthiest take-out food, as all my kitchen stuff is packed up.

4. Having goodbye lunches/dinners with San Diego friends

5. Going to blog about the Vitamin String Quartet


  1. i love that little list. there are so many on there that are on mine! :)
    i can't wait to see yours!!

  2. i hear baking soda and vinegar can do wonders to tough stains.

  3. To-do list is adorable. Healthiest fast food is totally In N Out.

  4. i love that list too! so cute.

    and thanks so much for sending me an email with your favorite quotes. they are all fantastic! :) it's great to e-meet you and thanks again!



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