Friday, July 10, 2009

Not Quite A Woman...

I don't know how I feel about all those FaceBook quizzes... I'm slightly annoyed at how often they take over my entire Newsfeed page but otherwise, I find them kind of amusing... until tonight.

I just took one of the FaceBook quizzes to see how "girly" I was. Here is the result:
Shanna took the How GIRLY Are You? quiz and got the result: 0% Girly..
0% Girly: You are all man and no girl."
Um.... what? Did a quiz just tell me that I'm not much of a girl?? I know I'm not much of a "girly girl" but I still wasn't expecting to get a score of zero! Apparently, I am kind of manly?

Most of the responses to my posted quiz score registered a lot of H's and A's.

But seriously, who has time to get manicures and pedicures every week?

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  1. Ha! I hear ya - a mani/pedi every week is pretty ridiculous.


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