Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Duct Tape Queen of Hearts

Geeks love their duct tape - even to the point of buying duct tape wallets (or DIY if you are true to the art) and creating duct tape prom outfits with grand prize scholarships.

Check out this amazing Queen of Hearts dress from appropriately-named Deviant Artist Duck Tape Bandit (also the dress model).

Yes, even the lacing is made of duct tape. Her deviantart also includes fabulous bouquets, purses, and even corsets all made out of -- you guessed it -- duct tape.


  1. I've seen some pretty wierd Ducktape things but this is so cool! If you didn't look close enough you might just think it was a cool dress

  2. Damn, skippy. Let's hope a cat never brushes up against that outfit or she is SCREWED.


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