Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let the Holiday Parties Begin!

Tomorrow is Clement's office holiday party. Saturday is the holiday party for my Toastmasters club, the Master Motivators, which is my little project these last few weeks. One more TM holiday party is coming on the 15th, and this is all before the holidays actually begin!

I spent two days teaching myself how to use Adobe Illustrator to make this flier! Names and addresses, obviously, edited out to protect the innocent. Illustrator is fun, by the way, and I think my Ad-Sense money is going to go toward a Bamboo Tablet/Pen. =D

How many holiday parties are you attending this month?


  1. I adore illustrator...maybe even more than photoshop...don't tell photoshop but I may love illustrator a ton more. :)

  2. Gah...way too many. Sometimes I wish we could space everything out during the entire freakin' year so December wasn't pure INSANITY!


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