Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food Blog Crush Round-Up

This week, I'm totally lovin' on some food blogs that make me drool all over my keyboard. As you may have noticed, I am somewhat fond of taking pictures of food. I'm always marveling at genuine undoctored (aka non-Photoshopped) food photos. If you FaceBook friend me, you'll find that I have my own photo album of food I made, appropriately titled "Food I Made."

Food Blogs I'm crushing on:

-True to her word, Dionne is my new best friend for showing me food gawker. It is basically tumblr for food.

-The Food Librarian has been a long time favorite of mine. Her persistent aspirations to make everything from scratch always inspires me.

-Of course, there's my good friend Tammi at Barefoot Vegan, who should really share more recipes. She was the one who showed me This Is Why You're Thin.

-Pink Parsley by Josie has fantastic step-by-step recipes with some creative twists.

-And, of course, I can't go without mentioning my ultimate go-to for recipes - All Recipes.

Happy cooking!


  1. HI Shanna - thanks for visiting! The potatoes in my stew were very evenly flavored... they certainly didn't suck up the flavor of all the other ingredients.

    I don't think you'll have any trouble with potatoes in your crock pot, as long as you use waxy potatoes like reds, yukons, fingerlings, etc. Stay away from starchy potatoes like Idahos, russets, etc. They tend to stay very dry, and/or turn to mush.

    Happy Blogging,

  2. I do love the Food Librarian :)


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