Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lovely 4-Eyes

I just found the lovable by Diana, who shared this amazing gem on wearing makeup with glasses!

I usually just never bother with makeup because I always figured my glasses block it anyway but I'm going to be part of a wedding in a few months so I have to get dolled up. This video gave a very thorough guideline about how to bring out your eyes behind glasses... she's even Asian like me, which really helps with the eye shadow portion.

Definitely looking forward to trying out some of these tips and tricks!


  1. so cool that you found a way to do up your eyes behind your glasses. :)

    in response to your comment - yes, my brother is missing out. haha! he would eat it if i made it for him though. he just likes to tease me. and no, i didn't make the sauce. i used trader joe's pizza sauce too. i'm going to make the sauce next time though. i could make a better sauce than they did. :)

  2. I'm half asian, and wear thick glasses, but I still have almond-shaped eyes and just to let you know I tried this before I posted to make sure the readers would dig it, too! So glad it works for you as well!


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