Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Finds

Adorable radish mushroom how-to (from Brenda)
(note: the hand in the photo is Brenda's, not mine. =P)

Star Wars Then and Now

Tauntaun sleeping bag (also Star Wars), via thinkgeek

Shiny, new stainless steel iPod shuffle

The correct way to dispose of your old credit cards to prevent identity theft. (via LifeHacker)

Loving this new blog - You'd Be Pretty If... (via Already Pretty)

Joanna has return from her honeymoon! Welcome back!

This giant rubber duckie is amazing.

How to make roses out of maple leaves

Top 25 "Most Badass Personal Finance Blogs"


  1. Oh no, the Taun-taun sleeping bag isn't disturbing in the LEAST...quite honestly, the inside of the sleeping bag should be red for authenticity, though.

    Too much? :)

  2. I think as long as it doesn't actually smell authentic (a la universe canon), inside or out, we're still safe. =P


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