Monday, November 16, 2009

Hustle and Bustle

Holy moly, it's been a busy couple of days... and more on the horizon!

Yes sir/ma'am, this blogging bunny has been bustling to meetings left and right. Over the weekend, I had a friend who visited from San Diego so a couple of friends and I all got together for a little slumber party, which we all know means good times but poor sleep.

(image via Cute Overload)

I'm putting my event planning skills to work this week as I hammer out details for the Master Motivators Holiday Party/Henry Du's Send Off (a current member) and the bachelorette party for my soon-to-be married gal pal.

Ladies, what kind of things have you seen or done at bachelorette parties? I need some input regarding things like t-shirts, favors, bridal tiaras... (actually, scratch that last one, I don't think my bride will go for that.)

P.S. Yes, the "bustle" part of my title alludes to the bustle on the wedding dress as well how busy I've been. I'd say I'm clever but I actually got it from Liz Beck Events. =P

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  1. All the bachelorette parties I've attended have been astoundingly low-key...but my best friend went to be an audience member for The Price is Right, which seemed like a lot of fun.

    There's always Vegas, as we ARE within driving distance.


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