Friday, February 26, 2010

Taking Care of the Ones You Love

Thanks, Tammi, for showing me the saddest video I have ever seen...
Or at least, I thought it was the saddest... until I found out there was an entire series of them.

These are by Thai Life, a long-standing life insurance company in Thailand who has established themselves as being highly committed to quality and dedication. These videos don't so much tug at your heart strings as they do rip through them, just like you are going to do with a box of tissues after you watch these.

After watching these, I got up and hugged my parents. You'll probably need a hug too.


  1. I will probably watch these when I'm not at crying while I'm supposed to be working!

    Hope you've been well. You going to Comic-Con this year?

  2. Geeeeez Shanna!

    I had pretty much forgotten about this. Thanks though, I needed a good cry today and it's better over these than something else.


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