Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cleaning, Packing, Moving, Part I

Packed up 4 boxes of stuff related to the computer and "home office," as I've dubbed it... all the standard stuff like blank CD's, stapler, etc. The spindles of blank, or filled, CDs and DVDs alone were nearly their own box. Granted, I'm using boxes that are on the small side, but still. 5 spindles seem like overkill but this isn't really the best time to go through them and see why exactly I have that many of them.

Tomorrow I have the only events management class I decided to take this summer - Wedding Decor! It's a hands-on class so I'm really excited about it and look forward to sharing it on my events blog later this week.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to pull all my clothes out of the closet and only take home the ones I frequently wear. The rest will probably go straight to Goodwill, but I may consider trying to sell them as part of my moving sale.

One of my FaceBook friend is apparently in the state of moving too, since her status was talking about how liberating it was to sell all her furniture and have no food in the fridge, drinking out of the carton and sleeping in a sleeping on the floor. And even though moving is a pain, I have to agree that there is something extremely refreshing about an empty place. In fact, I'm looking quite forward to selling the furniture in my place and sleeping on the inflatable mattress for a while.

Maybe it's just cleansing to purge and live on not very much. Heaven knows we get bogged down with our material possessions. I hope that with the things I've experienced over the last few years, I will be someone who has very little useless, cluttery, pack-ratty stuff in the future. My favorite time in any living establishment is right before we move in and it's just completely empty and clean. Maybe it's a clean slate thing - the possibilities are endless because nothing is set yet. Once you set things in a place, it's hard to break out of a routine or a mindset.

Haha, the more I clean, the messier the place actually looks. But that's okay, because I know I'm making a lot of headway. I just... uh, have to watch where I step. =P

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