Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Am I Writing This?

The first time I ever had a "blog" was my freshmen year of high school. Some of you may remember the now-defunct TeenOpenDiary, a sub-division of the still running OpenDiary. It is pretty much what it sounds like -- a portal into a realm of teenage angst, rants about parents and school and relationships or lack thereof. My "TOD" was pretty much the same. Even looking back at my old Xanga or LiveJournal entries (both of which came several years downstream from TOD) makes me pretty embarassed about my writing, both from quality and content. I also used to keep a paper-and-pen journal, which got pretty angsty too. A couple years ago, I essentially quit the online writing communities and took up actively participating in the growing social networking phenomenon that was FaceBook.

Last year, when I decided that I wanted to take my future in the direction of events management and wedding coordination, I decided to start writing a professional blog about the topic. Now between my events blog and my "romance" blog, I'm finding that don't have places for everything I want to say. I'm missing having a personal blog. I'm inspired by blogs that are built around a person and his/her ideas so I want to try that out for myself.

Thank you to my inspirations -- Tammi the Tornado Chaser, Joanna Goddard, and Seth Godin.

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